Landscape Maintenance

Spring Clean Up

  • Weed and rake out all landscaped areas.
  • Sweep and/or blow all hard surfaces (power washing is available).
  • Removal of all natural and manmade debris.
  • Early season lawn mowing and edging.
  • Optional lawn thatching and aereation.

Ornamental hedges & Tree Care

  • Late winter pruning of deciduous and evergreen trees.
  • Late winter pruning of Apple and Pear fruit trees.
  • Early spring pruning of 'Stone Fruit' trees (Apricots, Cherries, Peaches, and Plums).
  • Hand pruning of ornamentals (Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and Camelias) after blooming.
  • Hedge pruning including: Laurel, Photinia, Boxwood, and Evergreens.
  • Complete ornamental and rose care.

Bed Maintenance

  • Trim and edge around landscaped beds, trees, and hard surfaces.
  • Thorough weeding of landscaped beds.
  • Pruning of groundcovers and ferns.
  • Bark, mulch, or rock installation.


  • Blowing
  • Pressure washing
  • "Freshen-up" appearance layers

Lawn Maintenance

  • Turf cut to the height of 2" - 2.5" on a regular basis. Grass clippings are removed from site.
  • Springtime thatching and aereation to promote vigorous early season growth.
  • Fertilization: Application schedule that promotes balanced growth and lawn strength.
  • Weed and pest control accomplished with a mix of commercial and organic products and practices.

Fall Clean Up

  • Removal of leaves, branches, and other blowing debris. Cleanup can be accomplished on a weekly basis or a one time cleanup at the end of the fall season.
  • Fall and winter maintenance includes raking beds, blowing the hard surfaces, and gutter cleaning.

Brush and Field Mowing

  • Blackberry
    • Removal of new and mature stands of blackberries.
    • Blackberries are mowed at ground level and then rolled into stacks.
    • Disposal is accomplished by hauling to recycling center.
    • Several applications of herbicide to 'New Start' growth are required to permanently kill the plants.
    • NOTE: Removal of blackberry roots may be necessary for complete annihilation.

  • Scotch Broom
    • Larger diameter plants are dug out or cut off with a chainsaw.Mowing of bushes with 1/2" diameter stalks is available.
    • Cut bushes are stacked in piles for onsite burning.

  • Tall Grass
    • Best results if grass has not fallen over.  6" to 4' tall grass mowing.
    • Grass is cut, raked, and removed from site.