Water Features


  •  Installation of manufactured concrete fountains, associated plumbing, and electrical hookup. 


  • Planning: Simple Pond or a Complete Waterscape? Do you want Fish? How about Maintenance Requirements? All these issues should be addressed during the planning phase.
  • Construction Options: EPDM Liners, Preformed Plastic, or Concrete?
  • Filter Selection: In-Pond or Standalone Filter Units?
  • Landscaping: Rock Features, Border Plants, and Water Plants?



  • Waterfalls can be incorporated into a larger waterfeature, which may included a pond.
  • Vanishing waterfeatures consist of waterfall, which utilize a hidden capture tank to store the water rather than a large pond.  Vanishing features are useful in environments where falling debris make filtration difficult.
  • Waterfalls are normally installed utilizing existing terrain and landscape features. Accent rocks are added to create a realistic looking scene.



  • Water Feature maintenance includes operational assessment, problem identification, and maintenance process.
  • Pond cleanup includes cleaning out large physical debris, string algae control, and suspended particulate (including algae).
  • Pump maintenance includes checking the pump for physical blockage, electrical operation, and possible replacement.
  • Filter maintenace includes assessment of filter type and proper cleaning.
  • Streambed maintenance includes looking for small leaks under folded or sunken flaps, debris dams, and plant incursion