Windy Point Services, Inc Newsletter

February 2015 NewsLetter

The weather the past few weeks has been unseasonably warm and dry, causing early budding of plants and trees; as well as early lawn growth.  The weather is hard to predict, but some late winter tasks should not be delayed.

Mow the lawn to avoid growing a hay crop by April.  Do not fertilize or artifically stimulate the lawn to grow this early.   The growth of the grass should slow down if temperatures return to more seasonable temperatures in March.

January 2015 NewsLetter

January is the month of new resolutions. Most of us who enjoy plants will make some resolution about spending more time in the yard improving some aspect of our landscape. Maybe the resolution will require us to do more weeding, or spending time on the lawn. Possibly, we want to expand or improve our vegetable garden. Whatever those dreams are, January is good month to ponder them.

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